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Innocleat Square

Innocleat - an innovative way to fasten objects using a hidden cleat without interfering the surface of the object. Unlike bulky exposed buttons or tall screws going through objects & panels, Innocleat hides behind the object exposing the stainless-steel sides only making it an elegant solution to secure your objects without any interference to the face of the object.

Innocleat was initially designed to secure handrails to walls however it can also be used in various ways like securing signs, artwork, floated shelves and epically feature-wall panels. Because it off stands your product from the wall, it creates a perfect solution for hidden LEDs.

How it Works?

Innocleat patented design is nothing but simple to install using its unique marking plate. Each set comes with a wall anchor, object anchor, set screw and a marking plate. As for install, there is really not much to it other than choosing the locations you would want the Innocleat to rest on once and securing the marking plate to these location first. Now with the marking plates attached, place your object to the desired location on the wall and lightly tap it to transfer the mark of the wall anchor stainless steel. Once the wall is marked, secure wall anchors and replace the marking plates with the actual object anchor using at the exact same locations. To finish it off, slide the anchors into each other and secure it using the set screw. I told you it’s simple!

Innovation & Safety

Unlike many other innovations, Innocleat was designed and developed by master carpenter & entrepreneur Niko T, who runs a successful  custom high end millwork business. Innocleat is result of many years of expertise coupled with passion in the field. 

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It’s square contemporary design along with a stainless steel finish makes it very elegant. The innovative marking plate always ensures the best line-up of multiple brackets on a single object. Another great feature is it’s simplicity in terms of removing your creation within seconds, and of course, putting it back up so that you don’t need to worry about damaging your creations while for instance you are  “moving in”.

Product focus

Highlight your product's finest features.

Innocleat Square
  • Clean Design

    Hidden Stainless Steel sides without  any exposed fasteners

  • Safety

    The setscrew withholds 125 lb horizontal and vertical pull easily.

  • Innovation

    Its simplicity and innovative design makes uninstall/reinstall in seconds.

  • Versatile

    Innocleat has wide range of application - feature walls, handrails, shelves, signage, art and more…

  • Commercial

    Sleek way to secure your logo or offstand feature panels.

  • Residential

    Perfect contemporary look for your new build!

  • Renovations

    Ideal for redoing stairs, floating up feature wall or shelves.

Innocleat Square Instructions

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As a custom home builder, we love new, innovative products that look good and make our job easier. Rarely do you find both those qualities in one product but with the Innocleat, you do. It has a sleek and modern looking design and makes our installers job alot easier. We're happy to call it a standard feature for all our homes.

We are beyond happy with the innocleat product! We were looking for something to support our company signage on our feature wall and still be sleek and discrete in doing that. This product did just that for us! It is very strong to support the heavy weight of the floating signage. At the same time it has a sleek design in case you do catch a glimpse of it from the side.  I just wish this product was around sooner as I would have used it everywhere in my house! 5 stars!

Here at Discovery Homes we love to use this product.  It has made our stair systems so sleek and clean! It gives something so simple a brand new modern feel.  It is a breeze to install and uninstall for homeowners. This allows for much easier moving day when it takes just a second to pop off and on the railing. It has become a must in all our homes.

As a designer I am always looking for clean yet stylish options for my clients, knowing that every small finishing touch contributes to the overall feel of a home.  The Innocleat is my new favourite product for contemporary homes!  It adds elegance in such a simple way - a designer's dream!

This product is truly innovative and I can't believe it didn't exist before!  The beauty of Innocleat is that it can be used for some many applications. It really is up to the creativity of the user. Thank you Niko for creating it and I look forward to seeing it in every home in the future! 

Floating Panel with Innocleat

DIY Floating Logo Panel - floating off the wall with the help of Innocleat.