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Innocleat's patented modern handrail bracket system design is nothing but simple to install using its unique marking plate. Each set comes with a wall anchor, object anchor, set screw and a marking plate. As for install, there is really not much to it.
First choose the locations you want the Innocleat to rest on and securing the marking plate to these locations. Now with the marking plates attached, place your object to the desired location on the wall and lightly tap it to transfer the mark of the wall anchor stainless steel. Once the wall is marked, secure wall anchors and replace the marking plates with the actual object anchor using at the exact same locations. To finish it off, slide the anchors into each other and secure it using the set screw. I told you it’s simple!
Innocleat is thoughtfully designed to hide extra bits within a handrail bracket system.  This is achieved by designing two parts; a stainless steel female part which is fixed to the wall and; a male part which is fit to the back of the handrail. The handrail floats off the wall when the male part is fastened into the female part using a single set screw. This minimal design innovation makes the traditional handrail bracket system & the use of mushroom plug obsolete.  Not only does it save you time, but also gives a modern look that works with any finish or style.
The clean design is not only aesthetic to the eye, but also functional as it is stronger than the traditional bracket in a way that it takes all the load directly because of it’s placement between the wall and the handrail versus the load transfer over an arm in a traditional bracket.