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Innocleat - an innovative way to fasten objects using a hidden bracket without interfering with the surface of the object. Unlike bulky exposed buttons or tall screws going through objects & panels, Innocleat hides behind the object exposing the stainless-steel sides making it an elegant solution to secure your objects without any interference to the face of the object.
Innocleat was initially designed to secure handrails to walls, however it can also be used in various ways like securing signs, hanging artwork, floated shelves and especially feature-wall panels. Because it off stands your product from the wall, it creates a perfect solution for hidden LEDs.


Innovation & Safety

Unlike many other innovations, Innocleat was designed and developed by master carpenter & entrepreneur Niko T, who runs a successful  custom high end millwork business.

As a woodworker, Niko used to work with the traditional handrail bracket system; in a traditional system a mushroom plug is first stained along with it’s handrail, cured and then applied over the top of the fastener. Most of the times the mushroom plug would turnout to be darker in shade even after using the same color finish because of it’s grain directions. As the traditional system requires more trades, it takes longer to come to a finish product. All this lead Niko to frustration, he felt there must be a better way of doing the whole process more effectively and efficiently. After research and experimentation Niko came up with a brilliant design that would eliminate many of the trades involved in traditional bracket systems. The new invention; Innocleat is modern, clean, minimal and stronger. It speeds up installation and provides a modern contemporary look. Innocleat’s Design is so unique, it fits all kinds of finish and preserves character of your home.

Not only Innocleat is easier to install as a professional; yet it's equally easy for homeowners to uninstall it and reinstall it if they ever need to move things around the house without damaging the handrail. While when trying to  remove the traditional handrail bracket system, you would most likely end up damaging the handrail trying to gain access to the fastener; innocleat on the other hand has one simple set screw to release the handrail system or secure it back in place.

Innocleat is result of many years of expertise coupled with passion in the field. 

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Niko Tscheka
Niko Tscheka