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Innocleat Linear


Innocleat Linear


Innocleat Linear– is an addition to the Innocleat lineup, with a new reshaped design and additional applications. Just like the Innocleat Square, it is an innovative way to fasten objects using a hidden bracket without interfering with the surface of the object. However, this time all the components of the Innocleat Linear system are made out of stainless steel only, resulting in a strong and sturdier cleat system perfect for indoor and outdoor applications. Innocleat Linear comes in a brush stainless steel and a black brushed stainless steel finish, that would blend into the existing harmony of your interior or exterior selections.

Innocleat was initially designed to secure handrails to walls however it can also be used in various ways like securing signs, artwork, floated shelves and especially feature-wall panels. In addition the new Innocleat Linear system has a junction box channel for hidden low voltage LED wiring. Now you can light up your panels or handrails with LEDs without any exposed wiring.

Dimensions and Weight - US

Total Assembly 379 g   3.000" x 1.535" x 1.260"      76.2mm x 39.0mm x 32.0mm
 Outer Bracket  229 g  3.000" x 1.535" x 1.260"  76.2mm x 39.0mm x 32.0mm
 Wall Anchor   19 g  1.504" x 1.220" x 0.992"  38.2mm x 31.0mm x 25.2mm 
Marking Plate  8 g  2.732" x 0.992" x 0.315"  69.4mm x 25.2mm x 8.0mm
Bolt - 6mm Hex  13 g    #10 x 1.50 x 25mm
Wiring Compartment    1.024" x 1.016" x 1.535"  26.0mm x 25.8mm x 39.0mm

Dimensions and Weight - Canada

Total Assembly 379 g  3.000" x 2.008" x 1.260"    76.2mm x 51.0mm x 32.0mm
 Outer Bracket  229 g 3.000" x 2.008" x 1.260" 76.2mm x 51.0mm x 32.0mm
 Wall Anchor   19 g 1.504" x 1.220" x 0.992" 38.2mm x 31.0mm x 25.2mm
Marking Plate  8 g 2.732" x 0.992" x 0.315" 69.4mm x 25.2mm x 8.0mm
Bolt - 6mm Hex  13 g   #10 x 1.50 x 25mm
Wiring Compartment  

1.024" x 1.016" x 2.008"

26.0mm x 25.8mm x 51.0mm


Outer Bracket Stainless Steel AISI 304 - Brushed Stainless or Black Finish
Wall Anchor

Stainless Steel AISI 304 - Polished Finish

Marking Plate

Amilan© CM 1017 Nylon 6

Bolt - 6mm Hex

Stainless Steel - Brushed Stainless or Black Finish


Load Specifications

Innocleat Linear holds 150 lbs*

*Bracket must be screwed into a stud for tested strength. Product tested on 1 /2" gypsum board Set screw tested to hold 1 50 lbs vertical and horizontal pull.

Wiring Compartment

Right compartment can be used to connect
wiring for LED lighting
 As shown, wiring compartment passes through the entire assembly.