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Innocleat Square


Innocleat Square


Innocleat - an innovative way to fasten objects using a hidden cleat without interfering the surface of the object. Unlike bulky exposed buttons or tall screws going through objects & panels, Innocleat hides behind the object exposing the stainless-steel sides only making it an elegant solution to secure your objects without any interference to the face of the object.

Innocleat was initially designed to secure handrails to walls however it can also be used in various ways like securing signs, artwork, floated shelves and epically feature-wall panels. Because it off stands your product from the wall, it creates a perfect solution for hidden LEDs.




The Bracket Redefined

World’s Most Innovative & Modern Mounting Bracket

  • Clean Design

    Hidden Stainless Steel sides without  any exposed fasteners

  • Safety

    The setscrew withholds 125 lb horizontal and vertical pull easily.

  • Innovation

    Its simplicity and innovative design makes uninstall/reinstall in seconds.

  • Versatile

    Innocleat has wide range of application - feature walls, handrails, shelves, signage, art and more…

Technical specifications